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After a lifetime of learning the ins-and-outs of logistics, leading a transportation company, Carlos Mira founded TruckPad on the idea that the road freight transportation market was sorely due for a change. As the first mover in the market, we had many trials until we discovered that the best approach to providing market efficiency was becoming an automated on-demand marketplace.
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We connect truckers with shippers / carriers at a fraction of the time it used to take to increase the job security and income of truckers and increase efficiency and operational control for shippers and carriers. Providing a great user experience for truckers and shippers alike, we are the go-to solution for truckers looking to improve their lives.
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The first digital freight marketplace in Brazil
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I worked on a delivery project (with TruckPad), had exclusive service, balance guarantee, (TruckPad) is the right tool for truckers!
Nilton Cezarino - Trucker
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